On Wednesday 28th March I was commissioned by our father in the Lord, the General Overseer of ACFM, and the entire ACFM management team for the s second mission work to Uganda in East Africa and on the 29th of March I departed to Uganda and arrived on Friday 30th March at Kampala, Uganda. 

ACFM Uganda was planted in 2015 through Pst Segun Toluhi with Rev. Godwin Tsee who went for a booth camp program in Uganda after which the seed of ACFM was planted. Subsequently, yearly seminars had been conducted to water the seed but it had not really transformed to ACFM church, it’s upon this I was commissioned to Uganda to transform the six (6) existing fellowship groups and preaching stations into ACFM Churches in Uganda. (Report of the National coordinator attached). 

On arrival to Kampala Uganda, I was received by the National coordinator Pst Jolly Gonahasa and was hosted by the family who had also help to secure one-bedroom accommodation before my arrival. I started the process of my residence visa which I was able to secure on Tuesday 22nd May 2018 and open a bank account with EcoBank for operation.

This helps my quick settlement for work in Kampala immediately started the first assignment from Kampala, the supposed ACFM headquarter in Uganda. The first step was to secure a church hall for the church and moved the Fellowship centre from the National coordinator business premises to a place of worship; this was done in May with the help of the National Coordinator of ACFM Uganda. (Attached is the report of ACFM Kampala report).

Much was not done of visiting other branches outside Kampala because of lack of funds, however, few churches were visited to confirm and collect situation reports. The churches visited were ACFM Kayunga, Nyakarama and Mityana (found reports attached). ACFM Nyakarama as at the time of visit was closed down because the pastor of the church resigned from ACFM for another ministry without any reason than, he has a leading to move to another place of ministry outside ACFM.

The other branch churches that I was not able to visit were ACFM Kamonkoli and Soroti. Though the situation reports of ACFM Kamonkoli were obtained through the Pastor, Pastor Joseph Odongo, while ACFM Soroti existence was yet to be confirmed except some little information from National coordinator but not yet confirmed.